About us

POWER GLOBAL ENGINEERING INC.,  is the engineering company, which deals in the field of processing of plastic, and also chemical, petrochemical, extracting, and metallurgical industries. The Company has the broad audience of partners in the countries of Asia. Since 2000 the company acts with the CIS countries. Nower days company installs hi-tech equipment and  exports chemical and other goods from all over the world.

Shipments of the equipments, consultation of clients and planning of the new enterprises is carried out by the company since its foundation, irrespective of, whether there is a speech about modernization of existing manufacture or designing new. We make decisions for each project in view of all factors in order to consider individual needs of clients of the company. The developed system of service guarantee, that the equipment delivered by the company will meet requirements during many years after installation and commissioning.


Processing of plastic products is on the first stage in the activity of  POWER GLOBAL ENGINEERING Inc. Our compnay installs as big factories qith high cappacity as equipment for small and middle bussiness.

 The company carries out an installations in the specified branches, and delivery of the equipment “on a turn-key basis”, and also financing of the specified projects (in case of presence of the state or bank guarantees).

 To the list of the equipment and the services traditionally offered by our company, concern:


–          Designing, installation and delivery of complete lines and the equipment for manufacture of windows, pipes, fittings and various structures from plastics (polyvinyl chlorid, polythene, polypropylene), including a know-how and training of the staff on the factory of the customer,

–          Designing, selection and delivery of the instrumentation, including the measuring devices, registering and memories, and also devices of management of processes

-          Calculation, a choice, delivery, installation of the pump equipment for chemically aggressive and high-abrasive environments with centrifugal, rotary, and etc.. It includes acids, alkalis and their mixes, and also pumps installations for high abbrasive or viscous sludge, for example, sludges with the high maintenance of quartz (copper ores), viscous red sludge or abrasive and viscous mixes like limy milk, and also spare parts.

–          Designing, installation and delivery of the equipment for chemical, petrochemical and a mining industry, and also spare parts to above mentioned equipments.

We hope that our cooperation will not only satisfy you in solving problems but also financial benefits.