BOPP film is light weight, high mechanical strength, good dimensional stability, etc., are widely used in packaging, particularly food packaging. BOPP film can be divided by end-use film, tobacco film, electrical film, pearl film, at present these products can be produced internally. China BOPP film production, though started late, but the starting point for high technology equipment. BOPP film production company in China mainly in South China, East China, the country’s total production capacity of more than 70%, of which the production capacity of Guangdong, a province that accounts for 1 / 3. Orient Packaging Material Co., Ltd., Foshan, Guangdong is China’s largest BOPP manufacturers, production accounting for about one / 10. In addition, Guangdong is still China’s imports of BOPP film distribution center, only in Chaozhou anbu, BOPP film business operations have more than 200 years of sales at 2 million metric tons, of which the vast majority of imported products, mainly tobacco film and pearl film. Domestic consumption of PP film in the third volume of PP resin, and the fast growth in demand in recent years. Demand in this area in 1998 only 43 tons in 2004, has over 1.1 million tons. Expected demand growth in 2005, about 15%. PP film products are classified according to processing BOPP, CPP, IPP film. PP film as a moisture-proof, high mechanical strength, dimensional stability, light weight, non-toxic, odorless, printing good performance characteristics, widely used in printing (labels, etc.), coating, cigarettes and bags of food and agricultural products , aluminum vacuum, capacitors and so on. BOPP strength, high gas barrier, printing properties and good tear resistance, is the consumption of PP film products in the largest species, the application most widely used. BOPP film as in previous years the larger profit margins, rapid growth in demand around the country since 2000, BOPP film production line herd, resulting in excess capacity, market competition is intense, and benefits decline. PP resin prices in particular rose sharply last year, while the prices of BOPP film falling instead of rising. According to consulting firm AMI analysis, the 2001 World BOPP film market for the first time more than 3 million tons. Currently, there are BOPP film production line more than 100, BOPP film production in 2002 reached 39 million tons, but the actual annual production capacity to 65 million tons. China BOPP film more than 80 major manufacturers, large companies, including: Fushun Petrochemical Company 20,000 tons / year BOPP film production line, providing smoke film, matt film, Pearl BOPP film products, a variety of specifications; Fujian modem Plastics 2.5 million tons / year BOPP film production line, imported from Germany Bruckner’s equipment; Nanjing Zhongda Film Co., the holding company system of Jiang Yin Shenpeng packaging materials plant 2.5 million tons / year production line put into operation this year, the introduction of Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the The company plans to build two 2.5 million tons / year production line, the scale will exceed 8 million tons / year; Zhejiang Jianghui Sheng Plastic Co., Ltd. with 14,000 tons / year production line of Bruckner; Baoshuo DMT French company introduced the company’s 2.5 million tons / on the production line has been put into operation; Anhui Guofeng Plastic AG 3.5 million tons / year production line has been put into operation, is Asia’s largest BOPP film production line; Shun Tak crown, Sichuan Dongsheng Company, Shanghai Jin Pu, Guangdong Ming Wang, Heilongjiang Qing-Hong Kong company and so will build 2.5 million tons in the near future / year production line. So many production line will increase competition and increased domestic demand for BOPP raw materials. Since 2003, the Chinese BOPP film market has shown intense price competition in the state, the sales price down 23%, China polypropylene (BOPP) film market has an oversupply of most of the production decline in corporate profits. According to PCI Films Consulting UK research report predicts that from 2003 to 2005, China will increase production capacity of PP film world planning to increase over the same period accounted for half of total capacity, and the average annual growth rate of 10%. China BOPP film the next two years from the current capacity of 150 tons / year to 200 tons / year, the share of the world’s total production capacity from the current 23% to 29%, more than in Europe first in the world. In response, industry experts believe that, in addition to strengthening the management, reduce costs, improve quality, the major companies are also working to develop new products, special film production function, smoke film, matt film, pearl film, aluminized, antimicrobial film and so on, and to working to develop foreign markets. On the other hand, the domestic BOPP film products in the size, variety, compared with foreign countries have a certain gap, such as Exxon Mobil BOPP films a year produced over 20 million tons, nearly 40 varieties of applications is broad. The domestic varieties of a single, small size and high cost. So there is still a considerable number of BOPP film products imported from abroad. Although in recent years the domestic BOPP plant also introduced some new products, such as Nanjing Zhongda Group launched positioning BOPP color printing counterfeit cigarette packaging film type, BOPP tobacco-type ultra-low thermal seal coated article, BOPP cigarette packaging antiwear film pattern and so on, but in the product innovation and reduce the gap with foreign products, there is still much work to do, which is resin and film production companies are new challenges. CPP PP film in smaller proportion, but with the improved quality of PP resin, the improvement of device performance and processing capabilities, CPP and BOPP films of the performance gap is gradually narrowing. This will result in the hands of CPP from the BOPP seize more market share, adding new applications. CPP BOPP manufacturers and their respective manufacturers original product positioning in different markets, different applications, not interfere with each. But in recent years, quietly changing market conditions, CPP gradually to the BOPP market areas of infiltration. This trend in Asia, especially China has been most strongly, mainly because most of the production of BOPP film using a common grade materials, thin film properties is restricted, thus weakening its competitive advantage of common CPP film. CPP inclusions can be used in the production, labeling and specialty packaging, compared with the BOPP CPP has two advantages: high heat seal strength and production costs