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US-UK-HK corporation «POWER GLOBAL ENGINEERING», which also includes «POWER GLOBAL ENGINEERING» INC, is an engineering company, which deals in the field of processing of plastic and also chemical, pulp and paper, petrochemical, extracting, mining, metallurgical industries. The Company has a wide range of partners in Asia, Europe and America. Since 2000 the company actively works with the CIS countries.

Supply of equipment, customer consultation and planning new enterprises carried out by the beginning, regardless of whether it is a modernization of the existing production or designing a new one. We make decisions for each project in view of all factors in order to consider individual needs of clients of the company. The developed system of service guarantees that the equipment supplied by the company will meet client’s requirements for many years after installation and commissioning.

Processing of plastic products is on the first stage in the activity of POWER GLOBAL ENGINEERING Inc. Along with the extrusion equipment and injection molding machines we also supply complete mixing systems. Кроме того, поставляется оборудование по переработке и производства бумаги. In addition, We also supply equipment for processing and paper production.

Below are a major production and turn-key projects which has been realised by the POWER GLOBAL ENGINEERING corporation in the recent years.

  • 2005 year – JV «Intergrup» – has been supplied three sets of molding machines for production of PVC fittings
  • 2006 year – in Shieli city, Kyzylorda region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on «Ximpromresurs»has been built complete plant for production of PVC casing pipes.
  • 2007 year – Extrusion line for production of PE pipes D315-800mm, «Polimer Group Asia».
  • 2007 year – in Tashkent city on JV “Eman”, has been supplied «turnkey» line for production of armchairs (plastic part).
  • 2008 year – in Alamty city, Republic of Kazakhstan on «Plastinvest» company has been built complete turnkey plant for production of PE pipes D110-400mm.
  • 2009 year – «Gofrotaralyuks» LLC – has been supplied plant for production of five layers cardboard and prodction и packages from them, capacity is more then 21 thousend tonns per year (which is 30.240.000 meters per year), in complete with high-speed printer and automatic production of boxes.
  • 2009 year –«ARDI PLAST INDUSTRY» – has been supplied finished cycle of DVD case prodction line
  • 2010 год – in Tashkent, «Polimer Group Asia» – has been supplied production line for PVC pipes for casing of water and uranium wells with thread buttress, also has been supllied and installed high-tech equipment for milling and purificationof plastic wastes.
  • 2011 year – has been supplied vertical extrusion line for «Binokor-7» .

Also by our corparation has been supplied(47 times) equipments for small bussines.

  • 2011 year – Uzbekistan, has been supplied labarotory equipments , compressors and big capacity generators, water leakage sensors, welders under the project of Asian Reconstruction and Development Bank. Tender number:
  • 2011 year – has been built PVC profiles accessories producing plant on the place of «Kefayat winhouse production co. Ltd», (Afghanistan)
  • 2012 year– SC «Polipropilen Quvurlar». Has been supplied extrusion lines manufactured by «Cincinatti» for production of PP pipes, also has been supplied molding machines for production of PP fitings. Orderer: «Shurtan» GCC.
  • 2012 year – SC «Polipropilen Quvurlar». Has been supplied extrusion line for production of PP stretch line. Orderer: «Shurtan: GCC.
  • 2012 year – SC «Polietilen Quvurlar». Has been supplied extrusion lines manufactured by «Cincinati» for production of PE pipes, also has been supplied welder manufactured by Italian company «Ritmo» for PE pipe welding. Orderer: «Shurtan» GCC.
  • 2012 year – in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, has been supplied equipment for           production of refined sugar, for «SOLID BUSINESS GROUP».
  • 2012 год – «Kimyotehtaminot».Has been supplied welder manufactured by Italian company «Ritmo» for welding of PE pipes , and 2 sets of big capacity chlorination units.
  • 2014 year – completed delivery of excavators for ADB, 3 regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan supplying Contruct number: 2564, contruct is completed.
  • Supply, installation, starting-up and adjustment chlore stations in several regions of Uzbekistan by ARDB project
  • Has been won tende for delivery of high-tech 3-layer pipes producing lines , for hot water supply. Orderer «Shurtan» GCC.

The company carries out an installations in the specified branches , and delivery of the equipment “on a turn-key basis”, and also financing of the specified projects (in case of presence of the state or bank guarantees).

To the list of the equipment and the services traditionally offered by our company, concern:

  • Designing, installation and supply of equipments for chemical, pulp and paper, petrochemical and extractive industries and space parts for above stated equipments.
  • Designing, selection and supply of the instrumentation, including the measuring devices, registering and memories, and also devices of management of processes
  • Calculation, a choice, delivery, installation of the pump equipment for chemically aggressive and high-abrasive environments with centrifugal, rotary, and etc.. It includes acids, alkalis and their mixes, and also pump installations for high abrasive or viscous sludge, for example, sludge’s with the high maintenance of quartz (copper ores), viscous red sludge or abrasive and viscous mixes like a limy milk, and also spare parts.
  • Electric power stations based on solar energy.
  • Designing, installation and supply of complete lines and equipment’s for manufacturing of offset and tetradic papers, corrugated boxes, cardboards(pulp and wastepaper), windows, pipes, fittings and various structures from plastics (polyvinyl chloride, polythene, polypropylene), including a know-how and training of the staff on the factory of the customer,

POWER GLOBAL ENGINEERING except of providing of own equipments in the CIS market, also coparates and represents following companies: SNC LAVALIN (Canada), TPM Planung und Technologie GmbH, Cincinati (Австрия), KABRA Ekstrusiontechnik (Индия), Torninova (Италия), Elictro Phisyk GmbH (Германия), CNP (Китай), Haysion (Китай), Qisbeng Pack LTD (Китай), Ritmo (Italy) и т.д.

 POWER GLOBAL ENGINEERING is open for cooperation, is ready for new contracts and will gladly consider your inquiries and offers.

We hope for fruitful cooperation.